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Coming Soon - 2016 SEPLA Conference
June 21-23, 2016
Comfort Inn Conference Center
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Keynote Speaker - Tall Cop, Officer Jermaine Galloway

What is SEPLA?

SEPLA is a non profit organization formed with the specific objective of providing training and networking opportunities that create an environment that is conducive to open communication between Law Enforcement Officers, Educators, Students, Parents, and the Community.

How did SEPLA get started?

For several years school liaison officers, their supervisors, school principals and other administrators, have been coming together annually in Mt. Pleasant Michigan to attend The Law Enforcement and School Liaison Program Institute (LESLPI).  LESLPI is an intense training program that provides professional instruction expressly designed to help schools, law enforcement agencies and communities learn to work together and gain expertise in the area of implementing and managing school liaison programs.

Through the years the LESLPI advisory council has worked diligently to develop an exceptional program planned around current issues and challenges faced by schools and communities of all sizes.  The institute was originally a two-year program.  In recent years, the advisory committee has responded to the need to refresh the set of courses each year in order to meet the changing needs of all law enforcement and school officials involved in school liaison programs.  Therefore, whether participants are experienced or new to the school liaison program, the line-up of topics and the high caliber of speakers will justify returning every year for ongoing training.

For several years there has been an apparent need for an association that would become a resource center for information that can be used by all members that are aligned in finding solutions of youth problems that can be found at home or at school, without losing track of educating all who have contact with our children.

Why now?

Several changes in recent years have raised cause for concern about the long term capability of continuing the Law Enforcement School Liaison Institute under the current structure.  Forming an association of members from the profession will ensure that the Institute will continue to grow and improve for many years.

Who should belong to SEPLA?

Membership is open to all individuals that work in law enforcement or education in a role that is responsible for youth and school safety.

How much does it cost to belong to SEPLA?

There is no charge for membership in SEPLA.  If you would like to be on the mailing list to find out more about SEPLA programs, contact Jeanne Rouston at or call 989-965-4726.


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